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Drawing developed as a way of thinking, over time hand and mind start to work as one. There is a directness and honesty in drawn images in ink and little opportunity for corrections.

Influences have been varied and many, obviously artists who work in the same field, together with all mark-making, measured drawing, realism, abstraction, commercial art, uncommercial art, figurative representation, engraving, diagrams, print etc. etc.

Drawn and engraved images were necessary for the dissemination of information from the industrial revolution onwards - there is something of this that also influences my work in that there has to
seem to be a reason for the content. The drawn image and the diagram mingle aiming at a kind of metaphorical explanation.

Line work started at art school - an economy of materials, dip pens and reams of paper. Given the continuous activity since c1969, it is perhaps a testament to the ‘benefits of limitation’.

Line has its own narrative, as well as depicting a subject. These two strands allow a visual poetry to arise - which often happens by chance. This unknown outcome has kept me returning to the drawing board for over 50 years - the whole event is a 'conversation' between self and an evolving image.

The drawings speak for themselves, if you would like any further information, there’s a message box below - thanks for visiting the website.

David Atkinson


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